Mint-terpene chemistry division: Sharp Mint Limited is a large mint ingredients producer and exporter in the world, with an impressive list......
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Our group’s supply chain is fully integrated with over one million farmers who grow various agri products, including mint growers in the states of Uttar Pradesh...
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The value chain of oral care, food flavoring and pharma active ingredients, has roots in natural mint herbs, mentha arvensis, piperita....
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Sharp Mint Limited.  Touching Human Life Everyday.


* ISO 9000 Certified

* Conform to EP, BP,USP

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We are a large producer of mint ingredients, including natural menthol and mint blends, focusing on our quality and customer service. We have been accredited with ISO 9001and ISO 22000 certification and our products cater to various global industries - FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Flavor & Fragrances. Our ingredients are consumed and form part of major consumer brands across the globe, in the product categories of oral care, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical products.


We have grown over 30% CAGR in the last few years with a single minded focus on quality and best in class service, customizing and providing......

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