Value Chain


The value chain of oral care, food flavoring and pharma active ingredients, has roots in natural mint herbs, mentha arvensis, piperita and spicata.  Out of three herbs, mentha arvensis herb is the major one with over 70% share in the global production of mint herbs.  Mint herbs and aromatic chemicals derived from the mint herbs form a critical part of the flavoring material for oral care and food flavors.  Mint herbs and its downstream aroma chemicals are used as an active ingredient in cosmetics, personal hygiene products and pharmaceuticals.


India has leadership position in the production of mentha arvensis herb crop and its downstream aromatic chemicals, contributing to over 80% of need of the world.  Mentha arvensis was introduced in India about 50 years ago; earlier it was majorly grown in Japan, Brazil and China.



The critical links in sustaining the mint value chain are:


  • Remunerative prices for the farmers
  • Continuous research improving the yields from the herb crops
  • Innovative processing of herb to manufacture mint ingredients and value add-specialty chemicals categorized as aromatic chemicals.
  • Innovative mint oil blends offering taste solutions keeping in view changing preferences of the consumers, in the oral care and food flavoring industry.
  • Sustaining current usage of API (active pharma ingredient) application in the pharmaceutical industry and expanding possibility to newer applications.


Our value addition


We are fully integrated into value chain of the mint herbs grown in India and globally. We source and process large volume of mint herbs grown in the world, employing best technology and quality processes. Our focus is on terpene chemistry, improving our existing processes and products and also expanding into complementing aromatic chemicals. As a result we offer products of high value, consistent quality and assured availability, which are customized to the needs of our customers.